Meaning of depower in English:




[with object]Sailing
  • Adjust or alter (a sail) so that the wind no longer fills it.

    ‘you need to depower the mainsail’
    • ‘This will flatten the upper two thirds of the mainsail and depower the sail.’
    • ‘Contained in a compact package inside the spar, the double-ended system allows crew to quickly power or depower the sail from the trapeze.’
    • ‘This set-up is not to generate power, but to depower the rig and concentrate the power in the bottom half of the sail.’
    • ‘The bending boom will flatten and depower the sail which enables the lightweight sailor to go faster in more wind.’
    • ‘A fully adjustable rig allows a crew to depower in high winds - enabling both light and heavy crews to race head to head.’