Meaning of depredate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛprədeɪt/


[with object]
  • Steal from, typically using force; plunder.

    ‘many types of predators depredate bird nests’
    • ‘wandering flocks of pigeons depredating barley crops’
    • ‘Do southern flying squirrels frequently depredate songbird nests in other areas?’
    • ‘Many types of predators depredate bird nests and thus potentially influence the spatial distribution of their prey.’
    • ‘It has been reported that martens can depredate up to 100% of the local population of pied flycatchers breeding in nest-boxes in Latvia.’
    • ‘Winter, using clay eggs in artificial nests, inferred that midsized predators do not depredate nests farther than 60 metres from edges in tall-grass prairie.’
    • ‘As a result, the species that most frequently depredate nests vary among studies.’
    • ‘On Triangle Island, bald eagles are known to depredate tufted puffins.’
    • ‘First, the rate at which eggs were depredated was analyzed with survival (or failure time) analysis.’
    • ‘In those broods that were not depredated, nestling survival was high.’
    • ‘If eggs hatched and were then depredated within three days, failure may have been incorrectly assigned to the incubation stage.’
    • ‘Each year, many groups failed to produce offspring or the offspring were depredated prior to sampling.’
    • ‘The number of eggs depredated by ghost crabs was estimated by counting those eggs that had a small circular section of the eggshell removed.’
    • ‘Because egg predation is high during laying, many eggs may have been depredated before we found them, especially the first and second eggs of a clutch.’
    • ‘Various raptor species formed the next most common group, depredating seven nests, all with nestlings.’
    • ‘Chief among the amendments to the bill was a section creating a permit that would allow a landowner to kill antlerless white-tailed deer believed to be depredating crops.’
    • ‘Dease's journal provides accounts of wandering flocks of pigeons depredating barley crops at Fort Simpson, far to the north of their known breeding range.’
    • ‘A federal permit is not required to kill a bird when it depredates a crop’
    pillage, loot, rob, raid, ransack, strip, fleece, ravage, lay waste, devastate, maraud, sack, rape


Early 17th century from Latin depraedat- ‘plundered’, from the verb depraedari.