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‘These sections regulate the taking and permitted killing of nongame mammals and depredatory animals.’
  • ‘And evolution of any management strategy requires knowledge on depredatory birds' feeding guild structure, breeding and roosting ecology.’
  • ‘The coastal States remain united in seeking a permanent solution to poaching, depredatory and illegal fishing practices in the form of a legally-binding agreement.’
  • ‘Consuming an excessive water volume, also as a consequence of the use of depredatory irrigation equipments, the 342.900 hectares of irrigated farming along the valley contribute for the river's contamination, its affluent and the underground water.’
  • ‘The epidemic proportions of ignorant depredatory exploitation of the natural resources of our planet is unfortunately an all-round reality of the present day, representing a strong additional factor disturbing the biological equilibrium.’



/dɪˈprɛdət(ə)ri/ /ˌdɛprɪˈdeɪt(ə)ri/