Meaning of depressingly in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈprɛsɪŋli/

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  • In a manner that causes sadness.

    ‘Mrs Lynde spoke depressingly’
    • ‘the story is becoming depressingly familiar’
    • ‘depressingly, I have to agree with Eric on the likely political reaction to this problem’
    • ‘The Convention was wound up in 1976, depressingly little having been achieved.’
    • ‘Today, although the country is picking up the pieces and starting over, the job market is still depressingly bleak.’
    • ‘Depressingly, even the cuts that do gain media attention seem to have certain aspects that remain hidden.’
    • ‘Not only is this article very astute in my opinion, but so depressingly true in what it suggests.’
    • ‘It's the sole bright note in a depressingly conventional new suburb.’
    • ‘More depressingly, the proper spirit of real commerce was now missing from the streets of lower Manhattan.’
    • ‘Your book ended depressingly.’
    • ‘The experience sounded depressingly like something out of an extremely bad novel.’
    • ‘The problems are depressingly similar in every industry I have observed: forced overtime, discrimination, and sexual harassment.’
    • ‘A BBC editor found himself depressingly bombarded with questions from young composition students which all revealed their obsession to discover in what 'style' they should be writing.’