Meaning of depth psychology in English:

depth psychology


mass noun
  • The study of unconscious mental processes and motives, especially in psychoanalytic theory and practice.

    ‘Now I guess in Jungian depth psychology and in psychoanalysis, the unconscious figures fairly dominantly.’
    • ‘Appealing to the collective unconscious is becoming less tenable as a deus ex machina in a world where memetics and evolutionary psychology have replaced depth psychology as the essential means of understanding the self.’
    • ‘The interwar years saw the development and spread of the concepts and assumptions of depth psychology, particularly of psychoanalytic thought.’
    • ‘He taught religion and depth psychology at universities and colleges and was a psychotherapist in private practice for over twenty years.’
    • ‘We have seen that, from the viewpoint of depth psychology, women have just as much part as men in the archetype of priest and healer.’