Meaning of derestrict in English:


Pronunciation /diːrɪˈstrɪkt/


[with object]
  • Remove restrictions from.

    ‘eight items from the list of restricted exports are to be derestricted’
    • ‘One motorcyclist was recorded travelling at a speed of 108 mph on a derestricted road proving that a mindless section still choose to use the county's roads as their own personal speed track.’
    • ‘He disappeared in the rear view mirror within a matter of seconds as the speedo crept up to 180 mph on a derestricted stretch of road.’
    • ‘So it flashes you as you leave the village for the derestricted bit, rather than as you enter the built up area.’
    • ‘I didn't derestrict my airbox or get a larger air intake though so I probably could have got better results.’
    • ‘Couldn't all motorways be derestricted at night, say between midnight and 4am?’