Meaning of derisively in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈrɪzɪvli/

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  • In a manner expressing contempt or ridicule.

    ‘she snorted derisively at him’
    • ‘they derisively referred to clients as muppets’
    • ‘A group of the boy's friends stood behind the two, laughing derisively at Mike's plight.’
    • ‘Williams remained true to that promise, and his defensive mistakes almost always were greeted derisively by Boston fans.’
    • ‘Anderson speaks derisively about the rock and pop mainstream.’
    • ‘Throughout the 1980s, most of these pundits derisively condemned Reagan's policies.’
    • ‘Last year when he first announced he was running, I used to derisively call him the rookie.’
    • ‘They were attacked from the left and derisively labeled "neoconservatives."’
    • ‘The market economy derisively tramples our identity in God and Christ, and for good reason.’
    • ‘So he wrote an initiative, and to the surprise of the civic establishment which derisively opposed it, it passed handily.’
    • ‘Among the benefits of being part of what he derisively terms "Old Europe" is an overriding sense of history, a quality for which America is not generally known.’
    • ‘Most of his films were often butchered by producers and distributors, hideously dubbed and derisively reviewed.’