Meaning of derivate in English:


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  • Something derived, especially a product obtained chemically from a raw material.

    ‘Another promising approach is the use of butyric acid derivates such as 4-phenylbutyrate.’
    • ‘With a sufficient number of distinct line-cross derivates, increasingly complicated models of gene interaction can be tested.’
    • ‘This story caught the attention of several drug companies, who are testing pain-killers based on nicotine derivates.’
    • ‘An acute overdose of any of the opiates or their derivates can result in coma, pulmonary edema, and cessation of respiration.’
    • ‘Theoretical physicists say that the derivate, or the beta function, is positive.’



/ˈdɛrɪvət/ /ˈdɛrɪveɪt/


Late Middle English from Latin derivat- ‘derived’, from the verb derivare (see derive).