Meaning of dermoid cyst in English:

dermoid cyst



  • An abnormal growth (teratoma) containing epidermis, hair follicles, and sebaceous glands, derived from residual embryonic cells.

    ‘A computed tomography scan showed a large dermoid cyst within the muscle cone behind the left globe.’
    • ‘Occasionally a dermoid cyst or a may develop (sometimes called a benign mature cystic teratoma).’
    • ‘The dermoid cyst is formed from confused cells.’
    • ‘Teratoma typically contains tissues derived from all 3 germinal layers, whereas dermoid cyst presumably originates from ectoderm and mesoderm.’
    • ‘Neck masses can be identified by their location and include vascular malformations, abnormal lymphatic tissue, teratomas, and dermoid cysts.’