Meaning of Dermoptera in English:


Pronunciation /dəːˈmɒptərə/

plural noun

  • A small order of mammals which comprises the flying lemurs or colugos.

    ‘Euarchontoglires is composed of the orders Primates, Rodentia, Lagomorpha (rabbits, hares, and pikas), Scandentia (tree shrews), and Dermoptera (flying lemurs).’
    • ‘Bats are thought to be related most closely to the Dermoptera, a small order of mammals (two species) which includes the colugos or ‘flying lemurs’ of the Phillippines.’
    • ‘The order Dermoptera contains a single family, the Cynocephalidae, which is made up of a single genus with two species.’
    • ‘The interrelationships of Primates, Scandentia, and Dermoptera are not resolved by our data.’
    • ‘The single species of Dermoptera was included with the Primates.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek derma ‘skin’ + pteron ‘wing’.