Meaning of dermopteran in English:


Pronunciation /dəˈmɒptər(ə)n/

noun & adjective


See Dermoptera

‘Notable among these are primates, tree shrews, dermopterans, and bats.’
  • ‘The relationships of picrodontids were long a matter of uncertainty, with early workers allying these peculiar mammals with marsupials, bats, insectivorans, or dermopterans.’
  • ‘Here, we describe the isolation and characterization of a unique tRNA-derived SINE family in dermopterans (flying lemurs or colugos).’
  • ‘Thus, from an ad hoc analysis of the mtDNA of mammalian representatives, we cannot gain conclusive evidence for a sister group relationship of dermopterans and primates.’
  • ‘Dimeric and trimeric tRNA-SINEs with identical subunits could be characterized in dermopterans (CYN-II, CYN-III, or t-SINE ).’