Meaning of derp in English:


Pronunciation /dəːp/


(also herp derp)
  • Used as a substitute for speech regarded as meaningless or stupid, or to comment on a foolish or stupid action.

    • ‘Lower tax rates and far lower job creation. Derp’
    • ‘Humanity did pretty well before any education existed derp.’
    • ‘Herp derp, they NEED tips because they're not paid enough by their employers!’
    • ‘Derp, either I'm not paying enough attention when I type or my subconscious is feeling extra-pious today.’
    • ‘"I'm new, this is so weird, herp derp look at me, I'm writing, now I'm writing about writing, I'm so clever" - one of these days he's going to get around to actual baseball analysis, right?’
    • ‘Edit: derp, if I would have read a little more it's in the summary of what one gets with the subscription.’
    • ‘You are in the "tech community" yet don't realize you can run Windows on a Macbook as smoothly as if it were native, or that you can install Microsoft Office programs on the Mac operating system herp derp.’
    • ‘Primary sources were probably unavailable for comment for fact-checking purpose, since - herp, derp - they were rescuing people and putting out fires and stuff.’
    • ‘Someone with over 2,500 posts calling ME a troll. Derp.’
    • ‘I imagine the anti-cop set will say "why wasn't he arrested derp derp?"’
    • ‘Not much point boycotting the company anymore if the reason for boycotting has gone away...derp.’


mass noun informal
  • Foolishness or stupidity.

    • ‘the derp heard outside apparently was only the tip of the iceberg’
    • ‘Too often this season, the team will go long stretches where it seems like all they know how to do is derp.’
    • ‘The Twitterverse erupted in short order at the high-grade derp that had been discovered.’
    • ‘Good post, although I suspect it's gonna have a lotta derp in the comments when the other side sees it.’
    • ‘After sifting through the charred remnants of the Interweb, I opted to just share with you a small share of this Cornucopia of Derp.’
    • ‘Well, this was my first visit to the site and the sheer mass of derp in the comments does not exactly entice me to return.’
    • ‘I keep hoping they'll have an epiphany, but what I see instead is their irresistible urge to double down on the derp.’
    • ‘Campbell, a senior at the school, took the initiative on her own to make sure that future classes aren't subjected to that level of derp.’
    • ‘This is quite possibly my favourite Tweet of all time, and "lactose and tolerant" opens up whole new rolling vistas of derp.’
    • ‘But all you have is derp to back up your statment.’
    • ‘Conditioned by the empty, endless sturm und derp that comprises the daily political news cycle, it's always a surprise, sometimes a shock, to see politicians shrug off their sound bite characters like the stage costumes they are.’


1990s probably an alteration of dur or duh.