Meaning of Derridean in English:


Pronunciation /dəˈrɪdɪən/ /ˌdɛrɪˈdɪən/

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  • Relating to or characteristic of the French philosopher and critic Jacques Derrida or his ideas.

    ‘a Derridean account of difference’
    • ‘He sometimes warps individual works by doggedly insisting that they illustrate Derridean concepts.’
    • ‘There's a gratuitous reference to Derridean différance in her discussion.’
    • ‘The Derridean notion of writing supplies a dimension missing in this work, that of difference, indeterminacy, and dissemination.’
    • ‘Whether the "excluded" elements "return" depends on the plausiblity of Derridean readings of texts.’
    • ‘The writing of socio-cultural reality, where 'writing' is understood in its broad Derridean sense, is the very essence of individuality.’
    • ‘The typical Derridean wordplay of the final phrase suggests at least two interpretations.’


  • A follower of the ideas of the French philosopher and critic Jacques Derrida.

    ‘a Derridean would tell you that the missing something is the point’
    • ‘As a good, practicing Derridean, I do not believe in transcendental and timeless qualities.’
    • ‘Even a Derridean could think, if only for a moment, that context might not be "boundless".’
    • ‘They'd get into pitched battles with Derrideans!’
    • ‘Young Lacanians and Derrideans could be found cheering at local bars.’
    • ‘A Derridean would agree that the language game is played but might go on to point out that one can never be quite certain who is playing, or playing 'seriously', what the rules are, or which game is being played.’