Main meanings of derry in English

: derry1Derry2



informal Australian, New Zealand in phrase have a derry on
  • Have a strong dislike for.

    • ‘they've always had a derry on us’
    • ‘While he is exhorting the President to patch up differences with the union, he appears to have a derry on some of his rivals.’


Late 19th century apparently from the song refrain derry down, used humorously for down in the sense ‘dislike’.




Main meanings of Derry in English

: derry1Derry2


proper noun

  • 1A city and port in Northern Ireland on the River Foyle near its outlet on the north coast; population 89,900 (est. 2009).

    Originally called Derry, in 1613 the city was granted to the City of London for colonization and became known as Londonderry, which is still the official name, although it is known as Derry by the majority of people locally. It is also referred to as Derry/Londonderry

  • 2

    (also County Derry)
    One of the Six Counties of Northern Ireland, formerly an administrative area.