Meaning of desacralization in English:


(British desacralisation)

Pronunciation /diːsakrəlʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/


See desacralize

‘In the former section, ‘secularization’ would refer to the de-objectification of social facts and the normative values associated with them as a result of the desacralization of worldviews.’
  • ‘The churches, particularly the bishops of the Catholic Church, were complicit in the desacralization of Sunday as a holy day when they introduced late Saturday afternoon liturgies, called Vigil Masses.’
  • ‘The historical desacralization of formerly powerful religious imagery also is suggested by the motif of the nursing woman who sits beneath the epitaph.’
  • ‘The desacralization resulting from exaggerated secularization has resulted in a value vacuum which is being filled by a utilitarian ethic.’
  • ‘An awareness that long before 1789 French people were insulting their king has tempted some historians to write of the desacralization of the monarchy under Louis XV.’