Meaning of desacralize in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈsakrəlʌɪz/


(also British desacralise)
[with object]
  • Remove the religious or sacred status or significance from.

    ‘we have chosen to desacralize the world through modern science’
    • ‘‘When government attempts to rationalize its display of sacred texts by claiming secular purposes and secular effects, the inevitable tendency is to distort and desacralize the sacred text,’ the brief states.’
    • ‘Rather, for totalitarian movements, as he understood them, mass murder became the only manifestation of the sacred possible in a completely desacralized cosmology.’
    • ‘Traditionally then, women are desacralized at the height of their bodily power.’
    • ‘The myth is desacralised into an image of a goddess, half-virile, half-playful.’
    • ‘In an evocative account vivid with textual detail, she exposes the sexual violence inherent in the discourse that desacralized the monarchy as it denounced ‘the reign of pleasure as privilege, and of pleasure as feminine’.’
    • ‘Is our study of the past to be nothing more than an extension of modernity's bulldozing effort to master all of reality, so that time itself is desacralized and made to serve the needs of the Almighty Present?’
    • ‘This pure faith erected a wall between our understanding of God and our understanding of nature, and in effect desacralized the natural world.’
    • ‘If we desacralize Creation, we desacralize God; if we desecrate nature, we desecrate God.’
    • ‘He is prepared to try out the latest poetic fashions - Pre-Raphaelite languor with its confiscation of medieval surfaces, desacralised and airbrushed with momentary desire.’
    • ‘Further to this point, you may have noticed that we live in a world that is ever-increasingly disenchanted: quantified, privatised, desacralised and commodified.’
    • ‘The prophetic critique of primal Canaanite religion had the effect of desacralizing nature and divinizing morality.’
    • ‘It is no wonder that even up to our own times the human habitat has been the last bastion to succumb to the desacralizing process.’
    • ‘In the privileged moments before his death, Richard thus conceptualizes and exemplifies one of the characteristic outcomes of the desacralized world of modernity.’
    • ‘The silence of the artist is like the silence of God, part of a desacralised world which I am terribly happy not to live in.’
    • ‘There is no attempt to desacralize or hold the classics up to ridicule.’