Meaning of desaparecido in English:


nounplural noun desaparecidos

  • (especially in South America) a person who has disappeared, presumed killed by members of the armed services or the police.

    ‘By mid-1976 abductions were running at an average of over five a day, and at least 9,000 desaparecidos never reappeared.’
    • ‘The mothers of the desaparecidos in Latin America, the mothers who have mobilized to stop drunk drivers, and the mothers who have joined together to challenge the gun industry in the United States all walk in her footsteps.’
    • ‘Though repeatedly tortured, he was one of the few desaparecidos to return alive from the country's secret prisons.’
    • ‘The number of desaparecidos in the country at that stage has been calculated at 1,022.’
    • ‘This is a place where both classical and current colonization have taken brutish forms: genocide, slavery, resource robbery, military juntas - and almost every family has a member who has been arrested, tortured and/or desaparecido.’



/ˌdɛzəparəˈsiːdəʊ/ /desapareˈsido/ /desapareˈθido/


Spanish, literally ‘disappeared’.