Meaning of desaturate in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈsatʃəreɪt/


[with object]
  • Make unsaturated or less saturated.

    ‘high ambient lighting will desaturate colours’
    • ‘The colors are alternately desaturated and deeply saturated, which probably figures into the complex narrative structure in some way.’
    • ‘They oppose it with tint, which is the opposite process of adding white to a colour, to desaturate it.’
    • ‘Stronger saturations call for a much louder voice, where desaturated schemes lend themselves to a much lighter touch.’
    • ‘He plays with colors, frequently desaturating the hues to give his images an almost ‘brown-and-white’ look that recalls an old, graying photograph.’
    • ‘He also desaturates the color palette, removing many of the reds and blues in favor of browns and yellows, again accenting the gritty feel of a metropolitan locale.’
    • ‘For some scenes, he desaturates the color to the point where everything is almost black-and-white.’
    • ‘It is not that the stock was desaturated in order to make the film look bleak, but rather that the picture looks washed out and overly bright throughout.’
    • ‘Some other sequences are significantly desaturated and muted.’
    • ‘Finally, a gritty, color desaturated appearance is used for Mexico.’
    • ‘The video is full frame with slightly desaturated colors, especially in the reds, making a soft picture.’
    • ‘Brighter outdoor scenes fare better, though the colors are still desaturated.’
    • ‘Colors are slightly desaturated, but done so with purpose to give the show a distinctive look.’
    • ‘The colors are desaturated with poor contrast, giving everything a grayish cast.’
    • ‘Colors are desaturated, and about the only red in the picture is Ivan's mysterious car.’
    • ‘It is filmed mainly at night or in grey, desaturated daylight.’
    • ‘In the actual film, the color is desaturated to give the scene a more dreamlike quality.’
    • ‘Colors are completely lifeless, desaturated, and dull.’
    • ‘Colors are restrained and desaturated, adding to the gritty feel of the handheld camera work.’
    • ‘The colors seemed a tad desaturated, but that could be due to stylistic intent.’
    • ‘The colors seem a bit desaturated, but the image is crisp and there are few blemishes.’