Meaning of descender in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈsɛndə/


  • 1A part of a letter that extends below the level of the base of a letter such as x (as in g and p).

    ‘There are loops on the ascenders and descenders, except for lower case ‘t’ letters and some ‘d' letters, which are straight.’
    • ‘Within each triplet set, the items were matched for rhyme and whether the initial letter was an ascender, descender, or x-height.’
    • ‘Ascenders and descenders are long to ensure their legibility.’
    • ‘The alphabets, be it the ascenders (like h, j, l, t), descenders (like g, y) or those with body (a, x, s, r) should be properly shaped.’
    • ‘I of course replied that I really like the way the descender on the ‘p’ is curved.’
    1. 1.1A letter having a descender.
      • ‘Another aspect of the invention resides in addressing the character element rows of the character store in a partially cyclic manner such that descender letters are read-out for display in a "lowered", correctly aligned, position in a row of displayed characters.’