Meaning of describable in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈskrʌɪbəbl/

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‘His service in the Senate, while not describable as stellar, has featured some important moments of gravity and responsibility.’
  • ‘There is more acoustic instrumentation on this album, but that's not to say that the songs are any more conventional or, indeed, describable.’
  • ‘Jazz also has a specific sound… its not just a genre that is describable as improvisation.’
  • ‘Muscular pain is usually described as ‘cramping’ or ‘squeezing,’ and it seems to have a duller or less describable character, though it is not necessarily less intense.’
  • ‘Not anything can be patented: the usual test of what is patentable is that it should be novel, have utility, and be easily describable and reproducible.’