Meaning of deseed in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈsiːd/


[with object]
  • Remove the seeds from (a plant, vegetable, or fruit)

    ‘have you deseeded the chillies?’
    • ‘deseeded black grapes’
    • ‘Then seeds were removed and seeds and deseeded berries were weighed either immediately or after drying them at 105°C in a forced-air oven to constant weight.’
    • ‘Air dry the quartered and deseeded tomatoes in the oven overnight, leaving the oven switched off.’
    • ‘Traditional practices of cultivation and storage (grains are not deseeded but kept on the stalk to prevent spoilage), reduced the impact of the recurring droughts on food intake.’
    • ‘That's a key advantage over Muscat of Alexandria, which has to be mechanically deseeded - resulting in sticky, damaged raisins.’
    • ‘Just flavour 150 ml classic vinaigrette with one chopped and deseeded red chilli, one finely chopped lemongrass stalk and a squeeze of lemon juice.’
    • ‘Before the extraction of RNA and flavour compounds, samples were deseeded and powdered under liquid nitrogen using a blender.’
    • ‘The passata came from tomatoes grown in my mother's garden in the South of France, laboriously boiled, peeled and deseeded.’
    • ‘Peel and deseed the cucumber and cut into small dice also.’
    • ‘I chopped about 500g of fresh conch meat into roughly cm cubes, to which I added, all finely chopped, a small onion, two large tomatoes, deseeded, a sweet red pepper and about 10 cm of cucumber.’
    • ‘He gives us permission to say, firmly, when confronted with an authoritative instruction to deseed several kilos of cherry tomatoes, ‘No, I Won't Do That.’’
    • ‘Halve and deseed the peppers and place, with rounded sides uppermost, under a preheated grill until the skins blacken.’
    • ‘Remove stems, wash, and slit, deseed and finely chop the chilli (use disposable gloves).’
    • ‘You can eat them raw in salads when they're young, or deseed and stir-fry/bake the older ones.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, peel, deseed and finely chop the squash.’
    • ‘Add 1 cup hot water to the chopped and deseeded dates and grind when cold.’
    • ‘Like several other children in the village, she used to work almost 12 hours a day - from dawn to dusk - in the cotton-fields, hand pollinating and deseeding cotton.’