Meaning of desert pavement in English:

desert pavement


  • A surface layer of closely packed or cemented pebbles, rock fragments, etc., from which fine material has been removed by the wind in arid regions.

    ‘The stones in a desert pavement are usually about halfway embedded in the soil surface, with only their upper surfaces exposed, and are fairly tightly held in place.’
    • ‘On some of the surfaces high above the valley floors, delicate volcanic ash deposits, some as old as 13.6 million years, lie just beneath the desert pavement - the loose rock and gravel too heavy for the wind to have blown away.’
    • ‘Low mounds of silty soil pocked the stony desert pavement like so many frost-heaved ‘boils’ in an Arctic coastal plain.’
    • ‘When this happens, the area that is affected in known as a desert pavement.’
    • ‘Broad expanses of desert pavement, a delicate carpet of pebbles on which a footprint will remain for decades, often detour us.’