Meaning of desiccative in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛsɪkətɪv/


See desiccate

‘This once-promising art district succumbs to vigorous development and its concomitant desiccative effect.’
  • ‘If it is the slightest bit ‘green’ it has a dreadful desiccative effect on the inside of your mouth.’
  • ‘Spatially complex microhabitats tend to reduce desiccative water loss by cutting down the amount of moving air the animal is exposed to.’
  • ‘The destruction of the vegetative cover exposes the soil to the desiccative effects of hot, dry wind, resulting in dust storms, the formation of sand dunes, and other forms of severe wind erosion.’
  • ‘These proteins are expressed in plants during times of desiccative stress, and are thought to bind water and protect the cellular membrane from drying.’