Meaning of desiderate in English:


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[with object] archaic
  • Feel a keen desire for (something lacking or absent)

    ‘I desiderate the resources of a family’
    • ‘Here again I would stress that the attention which is desiderated in connection with the bodily function must be some close and intimate service to the person or claimant.’
    • ‘The woman translating in our earphones was so thickly Russian-accented and unable to keep up as to make a translator of the translator strongly desiderated.’
    • ‘It is not an absolute clarity or an absolute absence of any possible ambiguity which is desiderated.’
    • ‘Her appearance is certainly attractive, but perhaps not in the full-blown buxom style desiderated.’
    • ‘The peace and rest, the security desiderated at such moments is security against the bewildering accidents of so much finite experience.’
    long for, yearn for, hunger for, thirst for, dream of, aspire to, set one's heart on, have as one's aim, have as one's goal, seek, be bent on



/dɪˈzɪdəreɪt/ /dɪˈsɪdəreɪt/


Mid 17th century from Latin desiderat- ‘desired’, from the verb desiderare, perhaps from de- ‘down’ + sidus, sider- ‘star’. Compare with consider.