Meaning of designation in English:


Pronunciation /dɛzɪɡˈneɪʃ(ə)n/

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mass noun
  • 1The action of choosing someone to hold an office or post.

    ‘a leader's designation of his own successor’
    • ‘And I suspect that the box office return for the film will make that designation an even higher honor than it is today.’
    • ‘Another important provision of the new charter was that it eliminated party designation for candidates running for office.’
    • ‘The most famous such appointee was, of course, John, whose designation as chief justice was understood by one and all to be a powerful political statement.’
    • ‘Since this showing would have given him an absolute majority in the 313-seat constituent assembly, it could have led to his designation as Prime Minister.’
    • ‘He was the head of state for the ten years prior to the designation as President.’
    appointment, nomination, selection, choice, choosing, picking, election, naming, identifying
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    1. 1.1The action of choosing a place for a special purpose or giving it a special status.
      ‘Dibden Bay's designation as a Site of Special Scientific Interest’
      • ‘Other trees at Anderson Cottage will be considered for historic designation along with those nominated by communities across the country.’
      • ‘The precise parcels of land earmarked for designation were not publicly identified until May 1988.’
      • ‘But the lack of scientific knowledge about the area, as well as the ongoing regression of the habitats due to the current draining, makes any designation of the area most unlikely.’
      • ‘He had said over and over that unless the historic designation granted earlier this year is overturned, the company will no longer negotiate with tenants.’
      • ‘When the monument designation scotched that plan, predictions of economic doom rang through the county seat.’
      • ‘He questioned whether thought had been given to how St Lucia's designation as a top honeymoon destination would be affected by making the destination indirectly more expensive.’
      • ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty designation was considered for the land in 1973 but action was again deferred after it was concluded that national park status was more appropriate.’
      • ‘The residents say they are prepared to occupy the land round the clock unless the Council agreed not to submit its planning application for the home until their bid for village green designation had been considered.’
      • ‘The new lots will be developed under the residential estate zoning designation which allows for larger, country-style properties with limited city services.’
      • ‘Equally, where derelict or neglected Green Belt sites could better serve the community for example, as a new school or surgery changes in designation could be sought after consultation.’
      • ‘‘The environmental functions of the affected forests will still be altered no matter what their designation,’ he said.’
      • ‘In order to get a permit-only parking designation, 67 percent of affected residents in a six-block radius must sign a petition.’
      • ‘Critical habitat designations are far more time consuming and costly than listings.’
      • ‘The present statutory scheme for critical habitat designations is broken.’
      • ‘Not all financial institutions or qualified plans will accept customized beneficiary designations.’
      • ‘The lawsuits also charge that economic impact studies that accompanied the critical habitat designations were insufficient.’
      • ‘The officers say it should be given the go-ahead because it complies with the official designation of the land.’
      • ‘Our buildings survive more than a century only if they are given a special historical designation.’
      • ‘Under this review, the authority should consider whether further designation of conservation areas is called for.’
      • ‘The obtaining request includes designation of a specific management information area.’
      classification, classing, labelling, specification, definition, defining, earmarking, stipulation, particularization, pinpointing
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    2. 1.2count noun An official name, description, or title.
      ‘quality designations such as ‘Premier Cru’’
      • ‘These process groups are shown by the Table, along with each process name and letter designations.’
      • ‘The Army had not been naming its fighters, just giving them designations.’
      • ‘The sites usually list bios and name some of the professional designations that qualified pros have.’
      • ‘What appeals to me about these color designations is that they offer a more specific way to describe people.’
      • ‘There will be three designations - High Risk, At Risk and Free.’
      • ‘None of the students seem to fit either of those designations that I can tell.’
      • ‘Sequences were labelled according to previously published designations.’
      • ‘All of these designations can help you ensure that what's on the label is also what's in the bottle.’
      • ‘The designation of laundress was nominal, however, because she did little in the way of washing.’
      • ‘The only safe rule is this: the cartridge designation stamped on the barrel should be identical to that stamped on the cartridge case head and on the cartridge box.’
      • ‘The letter designation assigned to the process can be used for identification on drawings, tables, etc.’
      • ‘I've never seen anyone with their designation as ‘diva’!’
      • ‘Sure, each of these objects has an official numerical designation in a formally compiled catalog.’
      • ‘Volunteers who sign contracts specifying their tasking designation can be assigned to military units only upon passing proficiency tests.’
      • ‘He earned the certified management consultant designation in 1994.’
      • ‘Three unshared genes in rice and one unshared gene in maize were given alphabetical designations.’
      • ‘He received the certified financial planner designation in 1993.’
      • ‘However used or modified, I believe stilts have earned the designation of a legitimate and very unusual tool.’
      • ‘Chronometer is a designation given to a watch that has the highest standard of precision.’
      • ‘Prime is the designation given to the most heavily populated planet in a system.’
      title, denomination, honorific, label
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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘the action of marking’): from Latin designatio(n-), from the verb designare (see designate).