Significado de designer label en en Inglés

designer label


  • A famous and prestigious fashion brand.

    ‘a world where designer labels are a prerequisite’
    • ‘designer-label clothing’
    • ‘The British-born designer owns the Marchesa designer label which has designed the wedding gown.’
    • ‘Tommy Hilfiger, an American designer label, opened its flagship store in the city on Saturday.’
    • ‘It was really great to meet the man behind the designer label.’
    • ‘We were never really respected by the fashion press as a designer label.’
    • ‘Probably the closest thing to a taboo young people have these days will relate to the wearing of a wrong designer label or listening to a Cliff Richard record.’
    • ‘Every airport shop has the same stuff, no matter where you travel, same perfumes, same designer labels, same everything really.’
    • ‘Look for someone with a similar outlook on life rather than someone who wears the latest designer labels.’
    • ‘Dubai has a range of fashion houses, from designer labels like Armani to economy brands like Giordano.’
    • ‘The shop was set up 25 years ago in the States where it offers up to 60 per cent off designer labels.’
    • ‘According to the council, many youngsters, especially those from poorer families, feel under enormous pressure to wear designer labels.’
    • ‘There's something about top designer labels with their prices slashed that makes us lose our reason.’
    • ‘City centre bosses say stores are also enjoying a shopping bonanza with visitors snapping up everything from designer labels to bargains in the summer sales.’
    • ‘Outlet malls offer designer labels at rock-bottom prices.’
    • ‘Shopping centres that nudge the sky-scraping hotels nearly into the sea are neatly divided into designer-label chic and markets full of tourist tat.’
    • ‘This town's history unless we can find a way of selling designer-label clothing for slightly less than the big shops.’
    • ‘Her flatmate is Janet Peacock, who comes with her designer-label clothes from upmarket Bearsden.’
    • ‘Why is there no VAT on designer-label shoes worn by the children of the rich?’
    proprietary, patented, licensed, protected, branded, brand-name, own-brand, own-label, designer-label