Meaning of designer stubble in English:

designer stubble

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mass noun
  • Stubble that a man deliberately allows to grow on his face in order to look fashionable.

    ‘Bill generally has a few days' growth of designer stubble’
    • ‘He spends hours a day carefully making sure his designer stubble is perfectly arranged.’
    • ‘I'm really hoping designer stubble comes back in at some stage, or even better, full beards.’
    • ‘The man, who is a fireman, does seem rather smooth in a smart blazer, open-necked shirt and designer stubble.’
    • ‘I gel my hair so it looks cool, and I don't shave, so I have designer stubble.’
    • ‘It also turned Don into one of the hottest stars of the moment; famous for his sleeveless tops and designer stubble.’
    • ‘The one with the blonde hair and designer stubble looks like he stepped off a catwalk.’
    • ‘His bouffon hair and designer stubble are well-known to French TV viewers.’
    • ‘Bosses say designer stubble is unacceptable.’
    • ‘Officers have been banned from sporting designer stubble.’
    • ‘Bill is quite swarthy, and generally has a few days growth of designer stubble on his face.’