Meaning of desorber in English:




See desorb

‘We used a thermal desorption unit double-stage desorber to transfer compounds from the 2-mm Carbotrap to a gas chromatograph or a GC-mass spectrometer.’
  • ‘The chemical analysis of VOCs was carried out with thermal desorption gas chromatography and an automatic thermal desorber coupled to PE 8700 gas chromatograph.’
  • ‘Sample injection was achieved via automatic thermal desorber, and detection was accomplished by a flame ionization detector.’
  • ‘In my case, the sample taken from my briefcase (containing hand lotion, orange peel oil, and whatever trace compounds were on my hands) was placed on top of a desorber heater in the IMS.’
  • ‘Experiments were carried out to study the operation characteristics of a desorber for a lithium bromide (LiBr)-water absorption heat pump.’