Meaning of despairing in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈspɛːrɪŋ/

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  • Showing the loss of all hope.

    ‘he gave a despairing little shrug’
    • ‘Charlie collapsed in a chair, giving a despairing little sigh.’
    • ‘She gave no answer to my reproaches, save to gaze at me with a sort of wild, despairing look in her eyes.’
    • ‘About three of their forwards scrambled the ball past our despairing goalie.’
    • ‘Coady creates grace in even the most despairing moments.’
    • ‘Ironically, the despairing quest of the Solitary has been validated by her Companion.’
    • ‘Dada took its momentum from this fractured, despairing kind of environment.’
    • ‘Politicians have been warned repeatedly that overpopulated prisons cannot deal adequately with depressed, despairing inmates.’
    • ‘From this despairing state Wittgenstein was rescued by two developments.’
    • ‘His despairing family thought that he had ceased to live.’
    • ‘Upon waking, he realized he was in the same frustrated and despairing state once again.’
    • ‘I hear a collective gasp of anguish and witness a row of black-haired heads drop into despairing hands.’
    • ‘Some people have given up and reached various despairing conclusions.’
    • ‘This is a darker, more despairing film than the other two.’
    • ‘The adventure had a final despairing twist.’
    • ‘It is now time for local and central government to listen to its despairing critics.’
    • ‘In such a despairing context, what is the young Palestinian to do?’
    • ‘Something earth-shaking must have transformed the despairing disciples.’
    • ‘It is a bleak, despairing admission.’
    • ‘Who would present this groundbreaking initiative to a despairing public?’
    • ‘On his way to Damascus, Maritain was knocked off his despairing pretensions and turned toward sainthood.’