Meaning of dessertspoonful in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈzəːtspuːnfʊl/

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nounplural noun dessertspoonfuls

See dessertspoon

‘Add a dash of brown sugar (about a dessertspoonful) to the meat and a couple of teaspoonfuls of pesto to the vegetables.’
  • ‘Scatter half a chopped onion, half a garlic clove, and 2 dessertspoonfuls of salt over meat.’
  • ‘Drop a scant dessertspoonful of the mixture on to lightly oiled oven trays, leaving room for spreading.’
  • ‘I know a married couple that has been taking 2-3 dessertspoonfuls of cod-liver oil a day (the orange flavour) for several years.’
  • ‘One or two dessertspoonfuls of linseeds each day usually have the desired effect.’