Meaning of destigmatize in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈstɪɡmətʌɪz/


(also British destigmatise)
[with object]
  • Remove the negative associations from (something once regarded as shameful or disgraceful); cause to be no longer seen as a stigma.

    ‘she is a pioneer in the movement to destigmatize mental illness’
    • ‘Disability must be destigmatized.’
    • ‘We have to treat it as the epidemic it is and destigmatize addiction.’
    • ‘We're proud to keep playing a role in destigmatizing all aspects of reproductive health.’
    • ‘We re trying to help destigmatize debt.’
    • ‘She hopes her future projects will help destigmatize conversations about infertility.’
    • ‘It is pertinent to destigmatize depression, so those suffering from it could seek medical help.’
    • ‘She plans to raise awareness about her mysterious disorder and destigmatize disability.’
    • ‘She shared her hair-loss story with her 8 million followers in an effort to destigmatize hair loss in women.’
    • ‘League and union officials have been working together for more than a year to destigmatize mental health issues.’
    • ‘She was purposefully trying to destigmatize talking about mental illness in polite society.’