Meaning of desulphurizer in English:


(also desulfurizer) (British desulphuriser)


See desulphurize

‘It is used as an oxygen scavenger and desulfurizer in the manufacture of nickel and copper alloys, as a desulfurizer in the iron and steel industry; and as a reducing agent in the production of beryllium and titanium.’
  • ‘The efflorescence and sintering of desulfurizer had not been found through checking after examinatorial test.’
  • ‘Furthermore, sulphur is not a poison in these systems, but a fuel - so there is no desulphuriser needed.’
  • ‘The total gypsum produced by the exhaust gas desulfurizer, in fiscal 1996, was about 83,500 t.’
  • ‘The desulphurizer is added with a particle size as near as possible to that of the solid to which it is added.’