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‘I have been off sick with decidedly dodgy tummy and jelly-like legs, and have lain around the house being languid, playing a small selection of CDs repeatedly and desultorily surfing the internet.’
  • ‘Valuable blogging time has been sacrificed to the arduous pursuit of lying in the garden soaking up the sun whilst gently quaffing on wine and desultorily reading a book.’
  • ‘As the first battalion of the Irish Guards go through the motions of their normal Tuesday morning practice, the crowds begin to gather desultorily round the Palace forecourt.’
  • ‘Even when a much prolonged shot, such as the cashier desultorily picking at her fucshia-colored steamed bun, brings no pay-off, it still destabilizes our sense of film time, preparing us for the next attempt.’



/ˈdɛs(ə)lt(ə)rɪli/ /ˈdɛz(ə)lt(ə)rəli/