Meaning of desuperheater in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈsuːpəhiːtə/


  • A container for reducing the temperature of steam to make it less superheated.

    ‘These are different from heat pump desuperheaters (discussed below) that provide hot water only as a side benefit of space conditioning.’
    • ‘A desuperheater is an attachment to your air conditioner or heat pump that allows waste heat from that device to help heat domestic water.’
    • ‘With the installation of a desuperheater, the GHP can be used to heat the home's water.’
    • ‘In most cases, a desuperheater consists of a Venturi in which steam is accelerated and water is injected.’
    • ‘Built-in desuperheaters are common on geothermal heat pumps and can be used with standard heat pumps.’
    • ‘The tests examined steam conditioning valves and desuperheaters at four different Swedish pulp and paper mills.’
    • ‘A spray liner assembly is supported in a pressurized desuperheater header of a steam boiler.’
    • ‘Since adequate steam velocities were not maintained, installation of Pipeline desuperheaters was ruled out.’
    • ‘Steam desuperheaters are used for reducing and controlling the temperature of a steam flow.’
    • ‘A number of important considerations need to be taken into account when installing desuperheaters.’
    • ‘When water heating is needed, the desuperheater, and not the lower element, will provide almost all of the heat.’
    • ‘Most desuperheaters cool superheated steam by spraying a fine mist of liquid water directly into the steam flow.’
    • ‘Additionally, it is acceptable and even advantageous to have an elbow between it and the desuperheater.’
    • ‘At high flows, where no excess water is required, the unit operates as a steam atomizing desuperheater.’
    • ‘In the winter, desuperheaters can also reduce your hot water bills by preheating water.’
    • ‘When hot water is withdrawn from the water heater during peak usage and there is no demand for space heating or cooling, a partial water heating or desuperheater system would generate no hot water.’
    • ‘Since ordinary desuperheaters lack any mixing module a long pipe length is specified downstream to complete the contacting of water and steam.’
    • ‘Therma-stor looks interesting because it provides 120 gal combo desuperheater with conventional electrical backup to eliminate need for separate preheat tank.’
    • ‘Packless CDAX Series desuperheaters are constructed in a compact helical design.’