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Pronunciation /dɪˈtɛktəb(ə)l/

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  • 1Able to be discovered or identified.

    ‘an easily detectable and treatable disorder’
    • ‘the virus is not yet detectable in the blood’
    • ‘Alzheimer's disease is characterised by a long preclinical period during which cognitive deficits are detectable.’
    • ‘In overdoses, heroin's presence in the blood and urine is detectable for about 36 hours.’
    • ‘The products are commonly mixed with alcohol, have a short duration of action, and are not easily detectable on routine hospital toxicology screens.’
    • ‘Your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic to eliminate the bacterial infection that triggered your reactive arthritis if it's still detectable in your body.’
    • ‘The wrist is often the first site of clinically detectable rheumatoid arthritis.’
    • ‘The lab found no detectable trans fats in any of the samples, with a detection limit of 0.01 percent of the sample weight.’
    • ‘In reality, only those runners with inadequate, readily detectable techniques of cheating are penalised.’
    • ‘His eyes were closed, muscles lax, breathing barely detectable.’
    • ‘It is the first positive laboratory marker for acute HCV infection, which becomes detectable in serum usually one to three weeks after infection.’
    • ‘Why did you not report that any attempt to reconstitute the country's WMD programmes would be immediately detectable to Western technology?’
    1. 1.1Able to be perceived or noticed; discernible.
      ‘there is a detectable note of bitterness when he talks of his father’
      • ‘Yvette responded finally, her French accent barely detectable’
      • ‘Without faith of some sort, life is a constant bafflement, apparently devoid of any detectable meaning.’
      • ‘To speak with greater precision, in "Life Goes to the Movies" three broad notions of film realism are detectable.’
      • ‘The influence of Sonic Youth is also detectable in the song's abrupt, unexpected breakdowns.’
      • ‘Although conforming to the general principles of the classical landscape established by Claude Lorrain, two new tendencies were detectable.’
      • ‘It is with this song that the influence of 80's American funk is easily detectable.’
      • ‘Economists exert a minor and scarcely detectable influence on the societies in which they live.’
      • ‘He has no detectable regional accent and uses no dialects or specialized jargons in his speech which would help us place him.’
      • ‘There's also, correct me if I'm wrong, a slight but detectable element of sadness or longing in the images.’
      • ‘So, is some sort of shift in stylistic allegiance detectable here?’
      • ‘The air of foreboding detectable in this lyric is emblematic of much of the album.’