Meaning of deterge in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈtəːdʒ/

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[with object] rare
  • Cleanse thoroughly.

    ‘she wanted to deterge herself completely of it’
    • ‘We then watch him clean his sheets as a metaphor of his resolve to deterge the world of evil.’
    • ‘After being dried-up the polymer is not deterged by any well-known lacquer solvents.’
    • ‘The plasma-enhanced chemical cleaning is employed to deterge the Al pads of IC products.’
    • ‘The local treatment put into operation must, first of all, stop the gangrenous process by deterging the infected wound and eliminating the nauseous membrane; then it must bring about cicatrisation.’
    • ‘He claims that, in addition to its analgesic effect, it deterges the ulcers, which soon become of a healthy rose color, and are covered with healthy granulations, and healing in from four to six weeks.’
    disinfect, purify, sterilize, sanitize, sanitate, decontaminate, cleanse, clean out


Early 17th century from French déterger or Latin detergere ‘wipe away’.