Meaning of determinacy in English:



See determinate

‘Its function is to create the political climate necessary for a translation of the field of indeterminacy into one of determinacy (hegemony).’
  • ‘This problem of stigma does not depend on determinacy as to whether those stigmatized are actually the ‘beneficiaries’ of racial discrimination.’
  • ‘The spurious determinacy given the law at the level of the nation-state (because the state has all the guns and can enforce any decisions reached) is entirely absent at the level of geopolitics.’
  • ‘He revealed the limitations and contradictions of the technique, and the paradox that the results of total determinacy actually sound random, chaotic, and indeterminate.’
  • ‘Not because they offer us a service that is otherwise unavailable, but because they cultivate a sense of familiar determinacy that reduces conceit to humility.’