Meaning of determinedly in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈtəːmɪndli/

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  • In a manner displaying resolve and determination.

    ‘he marched determinedly into the house’
    • ‘he is determinedly upbeat about the situation’
    • ‘These cases show that motor insurers have determinedly resisted paying certain claims.’
    • ‘Everyone is determinedly looking the other way.’
    • ‘Finally, Maria sat up, still with a determinedly serious look on her face.’
    • ‘Greer has remained determinedly controversial, often earning the ire of feminists for her idiosyncratic stance on women's issues.’
    • ‘She is aware of the threat of loss of place but remains determinedly optimistic.’
    • ‘There's little doubt the determinedly independent filmmaker will continue to operate by his unique set of filmic principles.’
    • ‘The home side fought determinedly in the second half, scoring seven points altogether.’
    • ‘She weaved her way between the chairs with her eyes fixed determinedly on that seat, ignoring the stares of the others.’
    • ‘When Uranus arrives in your sign on March 11, you'll work determinedly to get what you want.’
    • ‘Gavin saw her struggling determinedly towards the door.’