Meaning of dethronement in English:



See dethrone

‘What then are our options in an era of late capitalism, which has exacerbated the idealistic-pragmatic divide and effectively witnessed the dethronement of all socialistic experiments?’
  • ‘On Wednesday, August 12, the celebrations will come to an end with the dethronement of King Puck at 5.30 pm.’
  • ‘So one positive side of my dethronement is the fact that I can now mingle with the masses, thanks to my newfound freedom.’
  • ‘Unfortunately, the completion of the project was interrupted by the dethronement of the Prince.’
  • ‘I'm glad to know you're taking your dethronement well.’



/diːˈθrəʊnm(ə)nt/ /dɪˈθrəʊnm(ə)nt/