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Pronunciation /ˈdɛtəneɪtə/

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  • 1A device or small sensitive charge used to detonate an explosive.

    ‘As the camera zooms it, the object is revealed to be a detonator for an explosive device.’
    • ‘Once they've uncovered the ordnance, they use plastic explosive and then hook detonators and time fuses up to it, so they can light the fuse and get to a safe distance before it explodes.’
    • ‘The group has access to at least small stocks of artillery ammunition, detonators, and explosives.’
    • ‘His bag contained bomb-making equipment, guns, imitation explosives, three detonators and a rifle magazine holding five dummy bullets.’
    • ‘Also found were stacks of rocket and mortar launchers, several anti-aircraft machine guns, several boxes of plastic explosives with detonators and other equipment for making bombs and booby traps, said Sgt.’
    • ‘At other locations, U S troops detained 48 suspects and found weapons including bombs, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, explosives and detonators.’
    • ‘Greek special forces have captured a freighter carrying 680 tons of explosives, along with detonators and fuses, bound for North Africa.’
    • ‘On Friday, police confiscated a huge haul of explosives, detonators and weapons from a bomb-making factory in the central Javanese town of Semarang.’
    • ‘He said security agencies seized missiles, rockets, detonators, electronic surveillance equipment and other ammunition planned for use in terror attacks.’
    • ‘Fake explosives, detonators and real guns were taken undetected on to a British Airways flight between Manchester and Gatwick on Friday in a security test.’
    • ‘Officers said that carnage had only been avoided on Thursday because the bombers had used faulty home-made detonators to trigger their devices.’
    • ‘The house was searched and alleged to contain guns, explosives and detonators.’
    • ‘He had separated the fuse and the detonator from the plastic explosive.’
    • ‘In addition to seven cars rigged with explosives, the guardsmen found 30 rocket-propelled grenades, high-powered rifles, mortars and remote control detonators.’
    • ‘You need plastic explosives, detonators, volunteers and somewhere to groom your potential martyrs and build your bomb.’
    • ‘The suicide jacket is essentially a bomb kit worn as a waistcoat next to the skin, fashioned from canvas and with plastic explosives and a detonator secreted in four pockets.’
    • ‘It is understood a detonator on the device went off but the main package did not explode.’
    • ‘The package contained five sticks of M - 112 explosive linked by wires to detonators, an alarm clock and batteries.’
    • ‘They were held after a rifle, two handguns, ammunition and a bomb detonator were discovered at a house Lurgan, Co Armagh.’
    1. 1.1British
      another term for fog signal
      ‘Audible signals are principally the locomotive whistle and the detonator (torpedo).’
      • ‘Known by railroad men simply as a torpedo, this is a small detonator fastened to the rail and set off by a locomotive's passing wheels.’