Meaning of detractive in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈtraktɪv/

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‘Obloquy means roughly ‘travesty,’ ‘abusively detractive language,’ or ‘a gross distortion and cheapening of a widely-held doctrine or faith.’’
  • ‘This Miniature Third Reich Battle Flag is made of lithographed metal and is in un-issued condition with some minor storage wear on each example that is not detractive.’
  • ‘I'm not 100% sure that the graphics were needed, but it certainly isn't detractive.’
  • ‘They are far from perfect, but from a sonic standpoint they are purely detractive, meaning that they lose information rather than add it (which every polypropylene, Teflon etc. capacitor I have ever heard does to excess).’
  • ‘For some items, calculators are facilitative and for others detractive.’