Meaning of detrain in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈtreɪn/

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  • Leave or cause to leave a train.

    no object ‘the train from Loughborough will stop at Quorn for passengers to detrain’
    • ‘passengers were detrained as the train was on fire’
    • ‘After detraining the passengers, the train backed out on the main, reversed direction, and then went east 18 miles to Seth to turn on the wye.’
    • ‘It is a revenue run, Train 3600, but I did not observe any passengers detrain once it arrived.’
    • ‘The platform was mobbed with people just detraining from a Corridor train on the opposite track but we soon reached Location A where our car would be spotted.’
    • ‘Our Palatka stop at 3: 48 PM was six minutes late, but we stopped and quickly started since no passengers were detraining or boarding there.’
    • ‘I was surprised that the passengers detraining here far outnumbered those boarding.’
    • ‘A lot of passengers detrained, and only a small handful boarded.’
    • ‘As soon as all passengers had detrained, we boarded and headed right for the upper level.’
    • ‘As we detrained, passengers were told what time to be ready to depart on either train.’
    • ‘Because of a necessary double spot to entrain / detrain passengers at Columbus, we departed at 5: 04, 4 minutes off the scheduled departure.’
    • ‘She told me that since we were late, we would only stop to detrain and board passengers, and then continue.’
    • ‘This train was taken out of service at 149th Street / Grand Concourse, but luckily for us we were detraining there anyhow to catch the 2 train.’
    • ‘But a Bronx-bound 4 train came in across the platform just as we were detraining at 42nd Street / Grand Central.’
    • ‘I teased them that I would tell everyone on the late train that we would not even be detraining at Orlando.’
    • ‘Hopefully the large number of people detraining at Sharon Hill did not delay the train too much.’
    • ‘The train was on time and we detrained in Sacramento.’
    • ‘We detrained here, but only briefly since this train would be heading inbound once its operator changed ends.’
    • ‘Quite a few detrained before we boarded and once seated the train started moving.’
    • ‘Now one would have to detrain and go on by road to Cairnryan.’
    • ‘Now most passengers were quite confused and in fact many started detraining.’
    • ‘This passenger like me had been in his car and had detrained here.’
    alight, alight from, step off, climb off, dismount, dismount from, get down, get down from, descend, descend from, disembark, disembark from, leave, exit