Significado de detribalize en en inglés


(Britanico detribalise)

Pronunciación /diːˈtrʌɪb(ə)lʌɪz/


[con objeto]
  • Remove (someone) from a traditional tribal social structure.

    ‘these policies attempted to detribalize native people by extricating them from their land base’
    • ‘the 250,000 include many detribalized urban people’
    • ‘Until very recently, the main thrust of federal policy was to break up the extended family, the clan structure, to detribalize and assimilate Indian populations.’
    • ‘His life proved that he was a highly detribalised African.’
    • ‘It is less practised among those Gikuyu who have been Europeanised or detribalised.’
    • ‘Kenyatta insists that only a detribalized African will marry an uncircumcised woman, and his account of the ritual stresses its high cultural valence in traditional Gikuyu culture.’