Meaning of detrusor in English:


(also detrusor muscle)

Pronunciation /dɪˈtruːsə/


  • A muscle which forms a layer of the wall of the bladder.

    ‘During normal voiding the detrusor muscle contracts and the muscles of the urethral sphincter and pelvic floor relax in a co-ordinated fashion to allow the bladder to empty.’
    • ‘The detrusor, levator ani, and external sphincter muscles share the sacral nerves as a common innervation source.’
    • ‘This is caused by the muscle of the bladder wall - known as the detrusor muscle - being overactive.’
    • ‘The most common abnormality was an incompletely emptying bladder, either because of obstructed outflow, an underactive detrusor, or urethral stricture.’
    • ‘Pressure receptors in the bladder respond to the increased urine and contract the detrusor muscle, causing the internal sphincter to relax.’


Mid 18th century modern Latin, from Latin detrus- ‘thrust down’, from the verb detrudere.