Meaning of Dettol in English:



mass noun Trademark
  • A type of surgical or household disinfectant.

    ‘Saige said I should pick it up and disinfect it with Dettol and adopt it as my own.’
    • ‘His dad managed to cover his clothes with so much sludge, his mum had to disinfect the laundry bowl and washing machine with Dettol.’
    • ‘Even 30 years down the track, people will remember him being likened to fake Dettol or fake Bold, and that's an ugly thing.’
    • ‘All the unworthies have been scared off by having to wash their tyres and wellies in Dettol and they won't come back.’
    • ‘The Zest, Dettol, Head and Shoulders, Domestos and toothpaste all went as did the towel.’



/ˈdɛtɒl/ /ˈdɛt(ə)l/


1930s an invented name.