Meaning of deuteranope in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdjuːt(ə)rəˌnəʊp/


  • A person suffering from deuteranopia.

    ‘The major difference between protanopes and deuteranopes is in their sensitivity to colored lights.’
    • ‘Protanopes, deuteranopes and tritanopes are unable to distinguish colours that lie between the relevant pairs of parallel lines.’
    • ‘About 4.6% of all males are deuteranomalous trichromats and the other 3.4% are evenly distributed amongst the protanomalous trichromats, deuteranopes and protanopes with a frequency of about 1% each.’
    • ‘To a dichromatic deuteranope, the short-wave end of the spectrum appears blue.’
    • ‘If one lacks certain type of cones, he/she is a dichromat, and is called a protanope, a deuteranope, or a tritanope depending on lack of L-cones, M-cones, or S-cones respectively.’