Meaning of deuteric in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdjuːtərɪk/


  • Relating to or denoting alteration of the minerals of an igneous rock during the later stages of consolidation.

    ‘Although such grains would have low Curie points of c.250 deg C they invariably undergo subsolidus exsolution during magmatic, deuteric and/or hydrothermal stages of cooling to produce ilmenite lamellae hosted by Ti-poor magnetite.’
    • ‘This mineral is probably the product of incipient magmatic or deuteric oxidation that is apparently absent at Isparta.’
    • ‘Nb-dominant kupletskite and, similarly, Zr-rich astrophyllite in the altered pegmatites are thought to be extremely late-stage phases, the result of remobilization of Nb and Zr by postmagmatic deuteric fluids.’
    • ‘Optical and magnetic analyses have shown that the dominant carrier of remanent magnetization of the dolerite of the Whin Sill complex is relatively pure magnetite, probably resulting from deuteric oxidation of original TM.’


Early 20th century from deutero-‘secondary’ + -ic.