Meaning of developable in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈvɛləpəb(ə)l/


  • 1(of land or property) able to be adapted or improved so as to become profitable.

    ‘there's competition among retailers for developable sites’
    • ‘But now, I witnessed the steady, indeed significant rise of building inflation to match the hearty price rises of new homes and developable land.’
    • ‘It is a shocking fact that despite the vast tracts of industrial wasteland in inner Glasgow the city now has a shortage of developable land.’
    • ‘Officers, in their report, say there is no developable land in the area.’
    • ‘Cranberry officials estimate about 40 percent of the municipality's developable land remains.’
    • ‘There, large tracts of developable land are still locked up in legal complexities related to ownership and land use management.’
    • ‘A 1965 study pointed out the large amount of developable land available in its Greater Phoenix study area, including ‘startling large acreage figures’ for small parcels in particular sub-areas.’
    • ‘This land is not developable; it's not competing with the market pressure that other [agricultural] land is.’
    • ‘It is estimated the Three Sisters development contains 80 per cent of the remaining developable land in town, and will double Canmore's current population when complete.’
    • ‘Imagine a slew of developable land parcels facing a brand-new, landscaped thoroughfare, right in the heart of one of the nation's most expensive cities.’
    • ‘As the price of developable land soars and the cost of farming forests climbs, the possibility of selling out is tempting.’
    • ‘Lastly, if your dairy has grown up in the city, developable land within a country mile of it is scarce and trading at a premium.’
    • ‘Logging, large-scale agriculture, uncontrolled fires, and urbanization during the last 200 years of settlement have ensured that only a tiny fraction of developable land remains in some semblance of primary forest.’
    • ‘Rather than develop compactly with gradually decreasing density, sprawl leapfrogs over developable land to further locations.’
    • ‘But with vast quantities of developable land in the expanding suburbs (as the circumference of the circle enlarges), regional home price indices post only small gains.’
    • ‘It was clear to me, from the considerable evidence and cross-examination on the subject of the alternative sites, that there were, indeed, none that were as readily developable as the subject land……’
    • ‘The latest site has a developable area of 341,100 sq ft, and will have 270 flats with an average size about 1,000 sq ft.’
    • ‘The deal is worth more than £1m per developable acre on a site that measures 13 acres - but some of the cash will go to Sheffield Council, which owns the land.’
    • ‘Several major developable sites will emerge, and Yalouris and his colleagues will have the task of sorting through dozens of proposals from developers and architects for these plum pieces of ‘created’ real estate.’
    • ‘We've got to remember that there's 60 million hectares of remnant vegetation left in Queensland in its current form at this stage, or more in fact, but 60 million hectares that's potentially developable.’
    • ‘The city could begin by rezoning to allow bigger office buildings to be built there, producing up to 15 million square feet of additional developable space.’
  • 2Geometry
    (of a curved surface) capable of being flattened into a plane without overlap or separation, as with a cylinder.

    ‘The reduction of the longitudinal length could explain the developable surface but would not be compatible with the hexagonal packing of the columns.’
    • ‘These developable surfaces can be explained either by the curvature of long and rather flexible nanotubes or by short nanotubes.’
    • ‘The only class of such surfaces known before Weingarten consisted of the developable surfaces isometric to the plane.’
    • ‘He wrote articles on such diverse topics as twisted cubics, developable surfaces, the theory of conics, the theory of plane curves, third- and fourth-degree surfaces, statics and projective geometry.’
  • 3Mathematics
    (of a function or expression) capable of being expanded as a series.

    ‘In this particular ground state, the Euclidean point of view, there are no constraints acting on the developable function, and all directions are the same.’
    • ‘The topic of analytic iteration (i.e. fractional/real/complex iteration in the set of powerseries developable functions) seems to me the most interesting field regarding uniqueness of the solutions.’