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Pronunciation /dɪˈvɛləpə/

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  • 1A person or thing that develops something.

    ‘a property developer’
    • ‘software developers’
    • ‘It was owned by a property developer who preferred to organise build packages rather than see projects through to completion.’
    • ‘My current boyfriend is the son of an antiques dealer; he's a property developer and a builder of tree houses.’
    • ‘The move follows Sega's shift from a hardware producer to a developer of software for all gaming platforms.’
    • ‘There have been several calls to vet voting machines by Irish software developers.’
    • ‘It gets its software developers from a pool of hundreds of volunteer programmers.’
    • ‘The group is also planning a future meeting with large property developers affected by the decision.’
    • ‘Treasury Holdings is one of the country's most successful property developers.’
    • ‘And what methods did they use to monitor and test the output of their software developers?’
    • ‘In Edinburgh the market is still robust and city centre property prices for developers are at a premium.’
    • ‘And developers say demand for properties is now so high they are struggling to keep up.’
    • ‘It would profit Microsoft if all the other software developers in the world packed up.’
    • ‘The owner, a property developer, has put Raith up for sale.’
    • ‘The two had been staying at the Barcelona holiday home of Mr Hunter, who runs a fish and chip shop chain in Bridlington and is also a property developer.’
    • ‘Kennet and North Wiltshire Primary Care Trust wants to sell the land to a property developer with a view to building 20 houses.’
    • ‘It is likely that it will work in conjunction with a property developer to fund the purchase of its current city centre location at Broadford Works.’
    • ‘This unlikely looking quartet includes a property developer, pest controller, full time musician and a chiropodist.’
    • ‘But the two-acre site, in the centre of the village, could quickly be snapped up by a property developer for new homes.’
    • ‘In recent months the news in Sligo has been about the Corporation of Sligo leasing a car park to a property developer.’
    • ‘A businessman and a property developer are believed to be in a head-to-head race to buy the Westhoughton stadium.’
    • ‘One of the firm's biggest success stories as a property developer is Edinburgh Park on the western fringes of the capital.’
    originator, creator, initiator, institutor, instigator, organizer, father, founding father, prime mover, architect, engineer, designer, deviser, developer, pioneer, author, planner, framer, inventor, mastermind, maker, producer, builder, constructor
    1. 1.1with adjective A person who grows or matures at a specified time or rate.
      ‘I was a slow developer’
      • ‘They are often late developers, live by their own rules and can be utterly selfish.’
      • ‘Young people often become anxious or worried if they think they are early or late developers.’
      • ‘Jonathan Simpson, defending, said that his client had been a slow developer as a child and was very immature at the time of the offence.’
      • ‘His father, Ramu, says Prasad was recognised to be a slow developer only when the boy was about five years old.’
      • ‘It was not as if he was a slow developer, in fact he was 6ft tall and extremely muscular.’
      • ‘She had been a slow developer and had pretty much been considered the ugly duckling for most of her life.’
      • ‘This is one late developer who doesn't intend to be remembered - or forgotten - for once finishing second.’
      • ‘A relatively late developer, he epitomises the thin line between success and failure.’
      designer, planner, builder, architect, producer, fabricator, developer, creator
    2. 1.2mass noun A chemical agent used for treating photographic film to make a visible image.
      ‘photography paper in a trough of developer’
      • ‘The recipe for paper is almost a double-strength version of my film developer.’
      • ‘In a darkroom floating in a bath of developer an image slowly materializes.’
      • ‘It is used in cosmetics and photography as a black and white developer, among other industrial applications.’
      • ‘The print may need to stay in the second developer for as long as two or three minutes.’
      • ‘The developer is heavily diluted in order to slow the process down and allow better control.’