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development area


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  • (in the UK) an area in which government assistance is available to encourage business investment, in order to counteract unemployment.

    ‘To ease the problems, the premiers agreed to develop cooperation in fisheries, mining and gas development in the overlapping area as a joint development area, the spokesman said.’
    • ‘Because that area has become a development area, the village leases its land to the people who come here to set up businesses.’
    • ‘Maria is from Tubbercurry and has gained a lot of experience working directly with small businesses in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim and in the business development area of the South Dublin Chamber of Commerce.’
    • ‘The project is centred on a core development area of 260 square kilometers incorporating game parks in Botswana, Angola, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.’
    • ‘Sooner or later, we will find the ink has dried and a site for a major development area has been found, north of Winchester.’
    • ‘Hampshire County Council leaders have confirmed their backing for the 200-acre Manydown site west of Basingstoke to be earmarked as a major development area.’
    • ‘Most of the planned development area is concentrated on the south side of New Park Street and includes the old cattle market and the former Devizes Motor Company site.’
    • ‘We are presenting our first major Bill on this, and I am sure we will be able to schedule York as a development area and attract industry here.’
    • ‘One version of the scheme would involve a hire car company being permanently based at the proposed development area, behind York Railway Station, running a ‘just-in-time’ system.’
    • ‘Amesbury is going to be a big development area over the next ten years or so and, thanks to the Amesbury Property Group, we have now got our west-bound slip road.’
    • ‘The Ealees development area is the first in the Pennines to be set up in a bid to take advantage of Rochdale Canal re-opening and attract more tourists to the area.’
    • ‘Access to the development area is very poor meaning that the bypass will have to serve as an access road.’
    • ‘These nine owners were the petitioners in this case; the lead plaintiff, Susette Kelo, owned a small home on the Thames River in the development area.’
    • ‘He says the location and scope of the development area as well as the relevant native title holders to deal with have all been identified and regular meetings are being held.’
    • ‘Cowi also is studying a 22-km road between Kuwait City and the Subiyah development area.’
    • ‘Australia TradeCoast is the most significant industrial development area in South East Queensland.’
    • ‘It's a very sad indictment on a government encouraging us to become a major urban development area in the next ten years but unwilling to fund the infrastructure needed to do it.’
    • ‘Two internet companies are selling two large fields, claiming they are ‘within the Thames Gateway development area.’’
    • ‘The course, which is located in a technological economic development area, is open all year round.’
    • ‘As vice mayor, he presided over the rapid expansion of the city's Pudong development area, much of it funded by foreign money.’